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GetRight®ToGo Samples and Screenshots
Here are some samples we built using GetRightToGo. Or visit some real websites using GetRightToGo.

Click any image to download the EXE and try the downloader for yourself!

GetRightToGo Web Interface Screenshot
A fully customized user interface.
Built using GetRightToGo Professional, with the full Web Page User Interface. This is what all new users of GetRight use to download GetRight itself!
This is all done with a webpage for the user interface, so you don't have to learn anything new! Plain HTML will do, JavaScript can make it even fancier!
GetRightToGo Basic Screenshot
Wizard interface.
You could make this for your file in minutes. For GetRightToGo Basic, this is how the downloader applications will look.

GetRightToGo Basic Screenshot
Embedded web page within the main window, with regular buttons and progress done by GetRightToGo. Allows you to display custom information or ads, without designing the whole interface within your web page.

GetRightToGo Basic Screenshot
Another fully customized web page user interface. This one has a "Rock-n-Roll" inspired theme; something that could be used by a music download website.

With the web page user interface, anything you can do with Internet Explorer is possible! You could make a completely custom look to match your website, popup a video ad within the page once the download has started, anything.

Not just examples, but real websites relying on GetRightToGo for downloads.

Digital River Digital River, Inc. powers the e-commerce for a huge number of software companies. They had an existing internally-built tool, but had run into limits...such as with large files, and wanting a more customizable user interface. They chose GetRightToGo to help!

We worked with Digital River to add some custom options; we helped with the basic design of their download window. We even changed the URL/data embedding system for their version so that the GetRightToGo built file could be a drop-in replacement for their existing download tool.

We've done some creative things with them, such as they have ability to control ads in the downloader, or even the option to play a game within the download window!

Lord of the Rings Online The downloader for The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ uses a web page in the GetRightToGo window to prompt users to register and activate their key while downloading the 4GB installer files.

"Nobody wants to play the game 'Download the 4 gigabyte installer again'. GetRightToGo provided a solution to ensure reliable downloads for all our users."

Adam Schrader - Technology Product Manager, Turbine Inc. Uses a totally customized user interface for GetRightToGo. It shows a variety of ads and promotions within the downloader.
Just looking at the one "top download" file on, that's 1000s of downloads a day powered by GetRightToGo for just one file out of their thousands!

Medieval II You have to buy the PC Download for the game to see it...but to download the 6GB purchased game installer, Medieval II: Total War uses a GetRightToGo downloader. We helped design the custom downloader using graphics from the game's images.

Reggae Country The very first website to start using GetRightToGo. They use it for their users to download purchased music...both indivual tracks and albums.

"The Lord of the Rings Online", "Shadows of Angmar", The Watcher logo, and "The Lord of the Rings" are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company, d/b/a Tolkien Enterprises (SZC).

Turbine and the Turbine logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Turbine, Inc.

Medieval II: Total War is a trademark of Sega Corporation.

Digital River and Simtel registered trademarks of Digital River, Inc.

The Builder Tool
The Builder Tool is used to customize your own downloader applications. A simple one can be configured in just a few minutes! Even the most advanced one can be set up fast!

A simple set of forms let you put in all the information. File names, URLs, select icons or graphics, and more.

Build your own!
Try out the builder and make your own right now! See for yourself how easy it is to build a downloader for your files.

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