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Overview of the software
You have probably used a similar program already. When you download some programs, instead of the main EXE, you get a small few-hundred KB file. When you run it, the small program will download the whole many Megabyte or even Gigabyte installer. GetRightToGo lets you build the small downloader for your files in just minutes. Until now, these have been created internally by each company.

GetRightToGo lets you build these quickly and easily. It has options so you can control how the downloader works and looks for your users. With the advanced options, you can make a downloader that not only has your own names, but looks exactly like your website.

GetRightToGo consists of two parts:
These are the Application Builder Tool and the customized Application.
The Typical user (your customers) will never see the Builder Tool. They will receive your customized Application from your website or any way you want to distribute it. When this application is run, it will download your specified file(s). This system can be used to deliver the installer for your software, updated data files for your software, media from your website, an ISO of your CD or DVD, or any file you want your customers or clients to have.

GetRightToGo builds completely standalone EXEs. There is nothing for your users to install or uninstall, just a single small EXE to download and run! When the download is done, the EXE can simply be deleted.

Part 1: The Application
This is what your customers will see. The completed Application will be distributed from your website, CD, etc. and will allow your customers to download your product or file.

The best way to understand the user experience is to see it for yourself. A sample application:

GetRightToGo Web Interface Screenshot
Click to Run.

Full Web Page Interface
You can use your own custom web page as the entire user interface. This allows you to customize everything. You could match the look of your website exactly.

This is the downloader we use ourselves for new users of GetRight. Thousands of people are using it every day to download GetRight!


You can of select from several different styles for the window. The simplest is a "Wizard" look that needs no more graphics or design by you, just fill in the forms. At the most complex is the totally custom user interface in the example above (and it was done in an afternoon.)

There are several choices somewhere in between--letting GetRightToGo handle the buttons and progress information, but with your own custom web page within the window to show ads or tutorials or anything else you like.

See more sample applications that show more styles.

Part 2: The Builder Tool
This is used to configure and compile the Applications. It is a very simple process that can be done in a few minutes for a basic downloader. This will then build a customized downloader executable (EXE) file for you to distribute to your customers.

GetRightToGo Basic Screenshot
Click here to try out the builder tool
Yes, it really is this easy!
Build your own custom downloader in a few minutes!
As simple as typing in your product's name and URL. Or use advanced features such as custom branding and embedded web pages, download acceleration, BitTorrent, change the window size, and much more!

Build your own!
Try out the builder and make your own right now! See for yourself how easy it is to build a downloader for your files.

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