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GetRight®ToGo for Making More Money
If you are anybody that has a file for downloading, or directs people to download files, GetRightToGo can help you make more money!
Promotions, Advertising, etc.
  • Embedded Webpage Screenshot You can embed a web page in the download window itself, this is a page you design and host on your server, so you have utter control. GetRightToGo uses an embedded Internet Explorer control to show the page, so anything you can do with IE is possible--Flash animations, JavaScript, DHTML, anything. (Sample picture to the right.)
  • You can use the web page for anything you like. Promote other complementary products or offers on your website, or where you are an affiliate and can get a commission. You can show buy links (again with an affiliate commission) if the user is downloading software. Or even show advertising.

    Reduce your Bandwidth.
  • All your customers will be able to resume downloads if any errors occur. Nobody will be restarting the download from the beginning, wasting your bandwidth.
  • GetRightToGo can include checksums, so in the unlikely event of a problem, it can identify and only re-download the section of the file with an error, without having to restart everything from scratch, saving the user time and saving you bandwidth. (Which can save a huge amount of bandwidth...instead of restarting a 600MB file from scratch, they'd just need to re-download the section--a few MB--with a problem. A user wouldn't even know this repair was happening.)

    Increase download completions and install rates.
  • All the users will be able to resume downloads if any errors occur. Nobody will be restarting the download from the beginning.
  • It even adds a shortcut on the desktop if the user chooses to finish the download later--this makes it very easy for anyone to find and continue the download.
  • If it is downloading a program, you can set the program's installer to be automatically run when the download is finished, so the user won't forget (as they can if they just download the file into a folder or forget to resume the download if there's a problem.)

  • You can customize the download application so it looks like something you created.
  • GetRightToGo can include your own names, logos, icons, graphics, etc.
  • You can even create a totally customized user interface--match your website exactly!

    Minimal changes.
  • GetRightToGo applications fit into the download process...instead of using their web browser or another tool to download the whole file, they use GetRightToGo.
  • You do not have to change your URLs, your server, or your website.
  • GetRightToGo builds completely standalone EXEs. There is nothing for your users to install or uninstall, just a single small EXE to download and run! When the download is done, the EXE can simply be deleted.

    How to use it is up to you.
  • You could create an automated process to customize GetRightToGo applications on-the-fly for each user to fulfil a shopping cart or a "download cart". Yes, one GetRightToGo application can download more than one will just start the next when one finishes.
  • You could create just a few GetRightToGo applications for key large downloads, such as a huge DVD or CD file.
  • There is no restriction to the types of files GetRightToGo can download, it can do a 3+ GB DVD image as easily as it can do a set of 50 different images or MP3s.

  • There are several licensing options, whether you want to build just one, want to build thousands, or want to build a custom file for each user.

    Download the builder tool and give it a try before you buy!

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