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Download This and See It In Action.
The pictures show it all.
Normally, when a user starts your media file download, they get a boring window from their web browser to show the progress. This does nothing for you--they can then browse to another website and you've lost their attention.

With GetRightToGo, you create your own download manager for your files.
This tiny customized download tool will run on the user's computer to download your media files--it could download dozens of images, a huge video, or any combination you like. You get to keep your website branding visible to the person the entire time they are downloading your files.

Sell More.
Just as this example above shows, this gives many opportunities to cross sell other media files, refer users to affiliate websites, or anything else you like. Instead of having your users sit watching a progress bar move for an hour long video download, you can try to sell more images or videos!

Fast and easy to build and use.
You do not have to change your URLs, your server, or your files. GetRightToGo builds completely standalone EXEs. There is nothing for your users to install or uninstall, just a single small EXE to download and run! When the download is done, the EXE can simply be deleted.

Buy Now or Download the builder tool and give it a try before you buy!

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