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What Is GetRightToGo?
GetRightToGo lets you quickly and easily build a customized download tool for your customers to download your files.

You have probably used a similar program already. When you install some programs, you get a small few-hundred KB file, which when you run it, the small program will download the whole many Megabyte or even Gigabyte installer. GetRightToGo lets you build the small downloader for your files in just minutes. Until now, these have been created internally by each company at great time and expense.

Main Features of GetRightToGo Download Applications
GetRightToGo is build on the same award winning download technology at the heart of the GetRight Download Manager. GetRight was the first Download Manager back in 1997, and continues to add innovative new features to this day. GetRight has been used by millions of people over the years (over 12 million downloads at alone!) A conservative estimate is that it has been used to download Billions of files. So you will be using very proven technology.

  • Build a customized file downloader for your files.
  • Completely standalone EXEs, so there is nothing for your users to install or uninstall!
  • Download from HTTP and FTP servers.
  • Supports Pausing and Resuming downloads.
  • Accelerate downloads--splitting a file and downloading different parts of the same file at the same time.
  • Limit the maximum download speed.
  • Supports files far larger than 2GB. Though depending on how the disk is formated, Windows can limit the maximum size of one file to 2GB! For maximum compatibility, we recommend keeping any single file below 2GB. But GetRightToGo can download several files in sequence, so instead of one 6GB file, it could download six 1GB files.
  • Add checksums so files can be validated. It will actually add checksums for many sub-parts of the file, that way in the unlikely event of a problem, it will only need to redownload the part with an error. The user wouldn't even be aware there had been a problem.
  • You can choose which files should be run when they finish downloading.
  • The easy to use builder tool lets you customize much more--where to save the file on the user's computer (and how they're prompted); if any download speed limits should be enforced; show or hide the Windows' minimize button; and more.
  • The Applications built run under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/etc.
  • Automatically compress the final EXE to reduce the size (uses UPX). Using compression, the final EXE is around 330KB, or 420KB when including BitTorrent support.
  • Automatically use a Software Publisher's Certificate to Digitally Sign the final EXE using Microsoft's Authenticode. (Where we bought our Certificate. Got it within a few hours.)
  • Professional can also use the BitTorrent protocol.
  • Professional can encrypt URLs in all data files.
  • Professional allows customizing the names, icon, and graphic.
  • Professional allows you to select from several different window styles.
  • Professional can embed a web page that is shown while downloading, this lets you track downloads, show information to users (such as a tutorial or buy links), show ads, or anything you want.
  • Professional can use a web page as the full user interface. This allows incredible control and flexability--you could exactly match the appearance of your website or do something totally unique and original. Simple JavaScripts let your page update itself with the right information as the download progresses.
* Features marked with a require either a Professional license, or the Single Application license.

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